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The 7 Habits of A Highly Effective Realtor

The 7 Habits of A Highly Effective Realtor

A day in the life of a Realtor is a hectic mix of meetings, coffee, showings, emails, property tours, open-houses, offers, more coffee, negotiations, and a million other little tasks that keep the real estate buying and selling process looking seamless for our clients.

Following are the 7 traits of a top-performing agent, and the one that you should be seeking out for your next real estate deal.


Proactive and creative

Selling a home today requires a special combination of pricing, marketing, and in most cases, staging. A great agent will approach your sale with unique ideas to showcase the best aspects of the property and generate buzz.

An excellent communicator

You should never be left wondering where your agent is and what step you are in the process (whether buying or selling). A great agent keeps you in the loop, is proactive on follow-up and ensures that you are never overwhelmed.

Highly knowledgeable

A great agent will know the city, town, district, or neighbourhood like the back of their hand. And if for some reason they dont, they will make it their duty to learn it all for you! You should be able to get the full scope of the lifestyle that comes along with a new home; schools, neighbours, services, transportation. Beyond being a neighbourhood guru, a good agent knows exactly whats going on in the market and how to react appropriately based on whether you are buying or selling.

Friendly and positive

Your agent is someone you will be spending a lot of time with during the sale or purchase of your home. They should make the process as enjoyable as possible for you with a positive attitude and approachable demeanor.

100% trust-worthy

A great agent is someone you can trust whole-heartedly. They give you all the facts, they are honest about negative aspects of your transaction, and they look out for your best interests, not theirs.

A savvy negotiator

The sale/purchase negotiation is perhaps the most important step in the real estate process. You want a tough negotiator on your side who knows exactly what will entice buyers/sellers, and what will turn them off when to push, and when to retreat.

Incredibly organized

With so many moving parts: showings, marketing, preparing documents, running open houses, negotiating, market comparisons, the list goes on and on! A great agent has a step by step plan for executing each step, is clear in sharing their approach with you, and does not let any detail slip through the cracks.

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This entry was posted on May 21, 2016 by Jim and Iris

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