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Should I sell my cottage in the winter?

Should I sell my cottage in the winter?


REASON #1: Less Competition
Understandably, the winter months are a slower time for new cottage listings. April through June normally sees a huge increase in the number of cottages that hit the market. Which means more choice for buyers and more competition for your property. The more properties to chose from, the less likely buyers are to compete for your property. Lower inventory also means a greater likelihood of multiple offers, resulting in a higher sale price, and a higher net return on your sale.

REASON #2: Only Serious, Motivated Buyers Look At This Time of Year
Cottage buyers who are ready and willing to make a decision to buy a cottage don’t care if there’s snow on the ground or that it gets dark early. They have made the decision that this is the year they are going to buy the cottage that they have always dreamed of, and are ready to make a decision NOW!

REASON #3: Buyers Want To Acquire Their New Cottage Before Interest Rates Increase
Increases in interest rates reduce the mortgage amount a family can afford, cutting them out of certain price ranges. Buyers look to maximize their purchasing power before interest rates increase.

REASON #4: Pent-up Market Demand
Through all the challenging lockdowns and restrictions associated with COVID-19, cottage properties in Muskoka continue to show unprecedented growth in value. And while some people are choosing to ride out the pandemic in the hopes prices will subside, most qualified buyers are ready to access the market as soon as there are suitable properties to consider.

REASON #5: The Perfect Gift To Yourself – A New Cottage!
You may be wanting to sell your current cottage in order to move to a larger cottage or try cottaging in a different area of Muskoka. By the time your seller competition decides to get on with listing their property for sale, you will have sold your current cottage at a great price, and be in a position to buy that new cottage. Why not treat yourself?

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