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Muskoka’s Top 10 Food Trucks

Muskoka’s Top 10 Food Trucks

In a world where dinners out are just a sweet memory and you have just made so so many breakfasts lunches and dinners with all the family at home, the Muskoka Food truck is a treat. It’s a break on a drive or a reward at the end of one.  Maybe it’s just a quick snack while you are in town grabbing supplies or getting out for a bit. The iconic food truck is always there for you.  We have selected a few of our favourite road-side food trucks and stands around Muskoka, for your sampling pleasure.


Where: 118 Muskoka District Road 118 W, Port Carling

Ok, so the first one isn’t a food truck. But it’s in a parking lot and serves up hot delicious food in minutes, so close enough.

Pete’s Links


Where: 106 Maple St, Port Carling
Facebook: Pete is old school. He doesn’t have a Facebook Page.  But he does have a friendly smile and hearty greeting for all his customers.

Pete cooks up sausage, hotdogs and burgers, and fries up some onions to go on top if you like. My favourite is the Cheddar Sausage and he remembers that, even if I haven’t seen him in months.


Terry’s BBQ & Grill

Where: 3142 Muskoka District Road 118, Port Carling


Port Carling’s newest eatery! Serving: Burgers, Fish & Chips, Fresh Cut Fries, Donairs, Poutines, Salads, Wraps & so much more! Ample amount of parking. Come out and experience the high-quality food for yourself! cash, credit & debit accepted!

The Banger

Where: 1695 Emsdale Road, Emsdale

Make sure you note the new location because you don’t want to miss this place. A cult classic – Banger Bob’s legendary sausage and sauce on a hearty loaf of bread, re-incarnated with a twist.


Tristan’s Tasty Eats

Where: 2222 HWY 60

Near the Tally Ho public beach at Hillside; Very informational & friendly, tons of food for the price and so delicious!

The Muskoka Dog House

Where: 304 Ravenscliffe Road, Huntsville


Beside the Police Station, these dogs are hot! Deceptively simple yet delicious menu items.

The Huntsville 4!

Conveniently located right beside Canvas Brewery, there is sure to be something at these four fine food trucks to satisfy any palate!

 The Taco Stop

Where: 7 John St, Huntsville

Authentic tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, carne asada fries or funky fries ( fries with all the delicious toppings found on a burrito).



The Thai Hut

Where: 96 Main St E, Huntsville

The delicious smells of this food truck! Deep-fried spring rolls make a yummy snack.  The spicy beef with mint was the favourite but the chicken curry and pad thai were great!


Muskoka Poutine. Merci, Eh.

Where: 7 John St, Huntsville

Best fries in Muskoka! Real curds from Quebec! Don’t want to miss it!


Algonquin Cafe and Deli

Where: 96 Main St E, Huntsville

Don’t let their lack of internet presence throw you. They are too busy smoking delicious brisket, melt off the bone ribs, even baking rich saucy beans.

Cheesus Murphy and the Grateful Bread

Where:2611 Muskoka Rd Hwy 117, Baysville

Excited to see this back for another season. An original irreverent take on a gourmet grilled cheese and many other comforting cheesy delights, such as poutine and burgers.


Shelby’s Chipwagon

Where: Beside the Bike Shop, 191 Sharpe Street East, Gravenhurst 


This one is on several best-loved lists. Sweet potato fries, burgers, steak on a bun, and of course fries! Generous portions too.

My Neighbours Kitchen

Where: 825 Muskoka Road South, Gravenhurst

My Neighbour’s Kitchen & Grill is the red food truck located in Gravenhurst, Muskoka. Visit us to try some Filipino food, also available are Canadian classics like burgers and poutines. Discover Muskoka and Filipino cuisine!


Runners Up

These tasty options deserve honourable mention although we didn’t have room for them here:

Fork On The Road -Emsdale Chip Truck

Katrine Chip Truck

3 GUYS And A Stove “On Foccacia” Food Truck



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