Muskoka’s Top 10 Food Trucks

Muskoka’s Top 10 Food Trucks

Sweet summer satisfaction on wheels. It’s a ritual, it’s a treat. It’s a break in a long journey or a reward at the end of one.  The Muskoka food truck.  Maybe it’s just a quick snack while you are in town grabbing supplies or seeing the sites. The iconic food truck is always there for you.  We have selected a few of our favorite road-side food trucks and stands around Muskoka, for your sampling pleasure.

Sully’s Muskoka Gourmand

Where: 345 Ecclestone Drive, Bracebridge Ontario

Rave reviews from everyone! This is our top pic, and personal favorite of family and friends alike. Just so good!

Katrine Chip Truck

Where: 2-30 Three Mile Lake Rd, Katrine

Known as Katrine’s best kept secret and a foodie’s dream. See the story here: Community Story

If you make the trip to Katrine, be sure to check out the beach, and the waterfalls in nearby Emsdale.


Mel’s: Truckin good food

Where: 2222 HWY 60

Near the Tally Ho public beach at Hillside; Very informational & friendly, tons of food for the price and so delicious!

Taco Stop

Where: 7 John St, Huntsville

Authentic tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, carne asada fries or funky fries ( fries with all the delicious toppings found on a burrito).


Porky’s of Muskoka

Where: 100 Main St E, Huntsville

Can’t say it better than the words of this fan: You know how most pulled pork is so drenched in overly seasoned sauce that you can’t taste anything else? Well not at Porky’s! They make their pulled pork with a subtle, delicious apple hickory sauce and serve it on a fresh, locally made roll. Mmmmm … so good!
Next time I’m going to have to try this “best sausage ever” that everyone’s raving about! 🙂

The Thai Hut

Where: 96 Main St E, Huntsville

The delicious smells of this food truck! Deep fried spring rolls make a yummy snack.  The spicy beef with mint was the favourite but the chicken curry and pad thai were great! Fresh cut fries are becoming a rarity but the have them too!

Cheesus Murphy and the Grateful Bread

Where:2611 Muskoka Rd Hwy 117, Baysville

An original irreverent take on a gourmet grilled cheese and many other comforting cheesy delights, such as poutine and burgers.


Shelby’s Chipwagon

Where: Beside the Bike Shop, 191 Sharpe Street East, Gravenhurst


This one is one several best-loved lists. Sweet potato fries, burgers, steak on a bun, and of course fries! Generous portions too.

Grillicious Gourmet Food Truck

Where: 397 Muskoka Rd, Gravenhurst

Top quality and fresh, this east meets west fusion food truck offers tremendous variety and and has something to satisfy everyone. Right next to Sawdust City for a sample of a cold craft beer.

Pete’s Links

Where: 106 Maple St, Port Carling

Facebook: Pete is old school. He doesn’t have a Facebook Page.  But he does have a friendly smile and hearty greeting for all his customers.

Pete cooks up sausage, hotdogs and burgers, and fries up some onions to go on top if you like. My favourite is the Cheddar Sausage and he remembers that, even if I haven’t seen him in months.

This entry was posted on June 28, 2017 by Jim and Iris

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