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Hiram Street Market

Hiram Street Market

Hiram Street market open sign stands ready on the sidewalk

Located in a charming historical section of Bracebridge, in a beautifully restored WWII-era brick building on Taylor Road, a market to tease the senses has arrived.

The smell of fresh bread as you walk in, hits like a memory of grandma’s kitchen. Nearly every artisan loaf at the Big River Baking Co is made authentically from sourdough, resulting in hand-crafted bread and sweets with incredible flavour.

There’s more to choose from as you make your way through the market. One of our local favourite gourmet food trucks/turned dining room, “Sully’s”, has had to shut down over Covid. But…they are offering some fabulous fresh and frozen prepared meals available to take home, right here at the market!

As you get to the back, a row of refrigerated displays showcase an incredible selection of meats and cheeses. The best-looking sausages and steaks, I guarantee will impress your guests. The pre-marinated chicken and chops looked intriguing too. We can’t wait to try!

This entry was posted on July 25, 2022 by Jim and Iris

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