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Christie’s Luxury Defined 2018 White Paper

Christie’s Luxury Defined 2018 White Paper

Each year Christie’s International Real Estate produces a snapshot of what is going on the world of luxury real estate. This fascinating read gives an in-depth perspective on different markets across the continent and the planet. Most noteworthy, Muskoka is listed as the number 2 location worldwide for secondary residences.

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The upswing or downgrade of luxury real estate is affected by a variety of factors in different locations. Easy to follow infographics present each scenario clearly, subsequently scanning through is a simple matter rather than a chore. Enjoy!

CIRE White Paper 2018


This year we had the pleasure and privilege to attend the Christie’s International Luxury conference and discuss the world of luxury real estate and Muskoka’s place within it. You can see our adventures on our Facebook page.


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